Fee Schedule

Regular Savings Fees  
Membership Dues

$6 Per Yr (prorated)

Account Opening  

25 cents

Par Value of One Share  (Minimum Deposit )


Christmas Club Fees  
Early Withdrawal Penalty

$10 Per Withdrawal

Checking Account Fees  
Overdraft Fee

$30 Per Item

NSF Fee or Courtesy pay

$30 Per Item

Returned Item Fee

$30 Per Item

Stop Payment Fee

$25 Per Request

Check Printing Fee

Prices vary

Automatic Transfer Fee

$30 Per Item

Closing Fee

$35 (Unused checks not returned to the credit union)

Daily Overdraft Fee

$1 Per Day

Draft Images

$5 Per Image

EFT Fees  
ATM Withdrawal/Transfer Fee

$2 Per withdrawal

Overdraft Fee

$30 Per Item

Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee

$30 Per Item

Other Service Fees
Account Reconciliation

$20 Per Hour

Account Research

$20 Per Hour

Statement Copy Fee

$3.00 Per Page

Deposited Item Return Fee

$30 Per Item

Items Sent For Collection

$30 Per Item

Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing)

$15 Per Transfer

Certified Check

$4 per Check

Money Order

$2 Per

Travelers Checks For Two

$1 Per $100

Legal Process Fee

$50 Form

Dormant Account Fee

$5 Mo After one year & balance is < $100

Account Closure Fee


If closed < 30 days of opening is  $20

Reopen <year $15

Account Inquiry

$5 Form

Stop Payment Fee On Corporate Checking

$25 Per Check