Our History

The St. Joseph Valley Community Federal Credit Union is unique because we are a Credit Union that serves the Community where it is based.  We are here to help our members with saving for their future or borrow for needs that will help them right now.  A members investment into this credit union will keep all of its deposits working and helping others right here in St. Joseph County.

This credit union was originally chartered in 1959 and served exclusively the “Continental Can Company” employees that worked at the plant here in Three Rivers, Michigan.  Because of plant down-sizing in 1976 the Credit Union applied for a Federal Community Charter. 

Thus began the St. Joseph Valley Community Federal Credit Union as it exists today.  The credit union has grown tremendously from its very small birth and very small office space to the current size with ownership of its own building and land.  Services have also expanded from only providing savings and loan accounts to currenty offering practically the entire gama of financial services that could be offered.  Those that we currently do not offer we are researching and planning to offer in the future.