Sign-up for Perfect Teller  

Make your life Perfect…Sign-up for Perfect Teller.  Why is the teller perfect, because you become the teller online that accesses your account and makes your transfers, inquiries, and loan payments.  You are able to access your account 24 /7 anytime you need to find out if you have money or if you want to look at your accout.  All you need is a personal computer and we will assign you a temporary password and you will be ready to start. 

Sign-up for Statements on Line  

If you really don’t want another piece of paper sent to you at month end, let us know.  If you are comfortable looking at all of your account activity on-line and printing out just the information that you want to on your home computer then let us know and we will stop sending you statements through the mail.  With the cost of everything increasing, if we can save money on postage and envelopes and the labor involved in preparing the statements, it will help increase the profits that we are able to return to you in the form of dividends. 

Sign-up for E-Z Pay

“Time Saver, Money Saver.  We will show you how easy it is to use.  Bring us a couple of your monthly bills and we will show you how to set them up.  Once you have your bills set up, You can pay all of your monthly bills in less than 10 minutes every month.  Your first 6 months of E-Z Pay is free and after that the cost is just $5.00 per month.  You will save postage, envelopes, checks, and any late fee you might get when the mail is late in getting your payment there. 

Security Alert!!!

Please Please Please…Do not give your account information to anyone over the phone.  There are so many fraud schemes circulating this year, you must be very careful.  If you ever get a phone call from someone asking to verify your account information do not give them any information.  If they are a legitimate company tell them to contact you be mail. 

Contact us at once is you feel you or someone else may have compromised your account!!!  Better to be safe than sorry.  Keep track of your account.  Look at your transactions every month and make sure you have done the transactions.  Make sure that you do not have withdrawals that you didn’t do.  We do our best to watch , but sometimes things look completely legitimate to us.