Savings (Share) Account

Regular Share (savings) account is the basic savings account you open to begin your membership in the credit union.

    • There is a 25 cent joining fee. 
    • Membership dues of $6.00 a year (equivalent to 50 cents per month) 
    • Minimum deposit of $25.00.

Membership dues are deducted from accounts on March 31 of each year.  If the minimum balance of $25.00 is not maintained you will be asked to deposit to your account before the next statement period.  If you have not deposited to your account, your account will be closed.

  • The $25.00 must remain in your account at all times in order to continue your membership.
  • The minimum balance that must be in your account to earn dividends is $50.00.  Dividends are earned daily on the average monthly balance and credited to your account quarterly. 

If you wish to have only a basic savings account you may have a Star / ATM card to use with this account as long as a $50.00 minimum balance requirement is met.  You must maintain $50.00 in your account at all times.