Certificates of Deposit

CDs (Term Share Certificates)

Members interested in an investment account can take advantage of a variety of competitive yield certificates.  A St. Joseph Valley Community Federal Credit Union certificate always earns you more than a regular savings account, because you deposit a specified amount for an established period of time.  Dividends are earned daily and can be compounded and credited to the certificate account or any account you wish on a quarterly basis. 

StJoeValComFCU certificates can be tailored to fit your financial needs, with terms as short as 6 months or up to 1 year to lock in high earnings. 

The dividend rates with credit unions are usually higher than other financial institutions and our minimum balance is only $1,000.

Investing in certificates is a safe, simple way to earn a competitive rate on you money. 

Invest short term, for maximum liquidity, or long term for the highest possible rate of return. 

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