“CREDIT ” Union 

The name says right up front that lending is an important part of what we do.  Along with encouraging saving and helping members learn to use their financial resources wisely,lending is one of the basic tools your credit union uses to fulfill its mission of services to members. 

Of course, lending and savings are two halves of the same cycle.  Credit unions offer a reward (dividends) to get members to save.  The pooled savings are then loaned or invested to earn enough of a return to pay the dividends and cover operating expenses.  Lending directly meets a significant financial need for members. 

  • Credit unions were created to provide members with loans at a reasonable cost.  Credit unions differ from other lenders. 
  • Member Owned, they exist solely to serve members. 
  • Credit unions have a unique philosophy, they consider each members character the most important factor in granting a loan. 

Credit unions would not exist without loan services