Discount insurance plans are available as a member of St Joseph Valley Community Federal Credit Union.  You have group rates available for many companies and along with this the convenience of monthly or quarterly installments to make payments eaiser to budget.

Many of our members have experienced big savings in auto and home insurance as well as life and other plans.  The credit union will provide mailings to you throughout the year from our insurance companies that we have arrangements with.  Many of these will have easy enrollment forms to take advantage of these group plans.  If you do not wish to have these mailing come to you please ask for one of our privacy policy opt out forms to remove you from our mailing list.

The credit union offers these arrangements but it is your responsibility to contact individual agents and speak to them directly.  Make sure you have the premiums available in your account when they need to be deducted.  Non-sufficient fund fees do apply. If you ever have a question about one of our offerings please give us a call.