AFLAC Group Discount

aflaclogoAFLAC’S insurance policies give you the option of receiving cash benefits directly, unless assigned, that you can use to help cover:

  • Leftover medical expenses like copayments and deductibles (including those for prescription drugs).
  • Nonmedical costs like travel to and from special treatment centers, food and lodging while you’re away, long-distance phone calls, child care, household help, home care, etc.
  • Everyday living expenses like mortgage or rent payments, car notes, grocery and utility bills.
  • Loss of income when one – or both – paychecks stop, if the healthy spouse has to miss work to care for the recuperating partner.

All of our policies and services are designed to:

  • Help fill gaps in coverage.
  • Provide a choice of plans to fit individual needs.
  • Pay benefits regardless of any other insurance you have.
  • Give you control over how the money is spent.
  • Be portable and guaranteed – renewable

For more information on policy benefits, costs, and limitations Рand how AFLAC can provide an extra edge in financial security contact

You will be eligible for credit union group rates and direct withdrawal from your credit union account to make the payments for your premiums.