Government Deposits

Direct Deposit is safer than a paycheck because your pay is automatically deposited into your account. 

You don’t have to spend valuable time cashing or depositing your paycheck because Direct Deposit does it for you!  No matter where you are on payday–traveling on business, on vacation or out sick, your pay will be in your account, immediately available for your needs.  

With Direct Deposit, your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income payments are sent directly to your bank account.  Payments are sent electronically, which eliminates the need to print and mail checks.  Your money is in you account and available to you at the opening of business on the payment date. 

Just contact us in the office or call the Social Security office  1-800-772-1213.

You will need the Credit Union Routing and Transit Number: 2724-8531-4 and your account number when you call,  as well as your Social Security number.

The Social Security representative will need this information to start your Direct Deposit.