Net Pay/Direct Deposit

Safety:  Direct Deposit is safer than a paycheck because your pay is automatically deposited into your account.  more than four million paychecks are lost or stolen each year, but this will never happen to you with Direct Deposit.

Privacy:  Direct Deposit is one of the most confidential methods of processing your pay.

Convenience:  You don’t have to spend valuable time cashing or depositing your paycheck because Direct Deposit does it for you!  No matter where you are on payday–traveling on business, on vacation or out sick, your pay will be in your account, immediately available for your needs.  

Reliability:  With Direct Deposit, you can be sure your pay is deposited into your account on time, correctly and confidentially.

Financial Control:  With Direct Deposit, you can have your entire pay deposited into one account.  Or, you may be able to split your pay among several accounts, making it easy to automatically set aside funds for saving, expenses and any other financial goal.  

Enrolling in Direct Deposit is easy!  If your company offers Direct Deposit, your human resources department can provide you with a simple form to complete, and can answer any questions.  If they don’t offer Direct Deposit,  ask them why!