Cashiers Checks

Cashiers Checks are checks that are written on the St Joseph Valley Community Federal Credit Union checking account.  They are more widely accepted than a personal check because they are “guaranteed funds”.   

Any withdrawal from an account or a loan advance when the amount is more than $1,500 must be done by cashiers check.  If the check is made out to the customer requesting the withdrawal there is no extra charge for the check.  If the check is made payable to another party other than the customer there is an extra charge for this.  Please see FEES or click here

You may purchase a cashiers check if you want the added security of this type of check versus a personal check, or if the amount you need is more than the amount allowed in a money order.  We are required to imprint a name on the check so please have the name of the recipient available.  If a telephone request is made to have a check mailed, there is also an extra charge.  Any request for a withdrawal amount exceeding $5,000 requires an advance 24 hour notice.