PrePaid Visa Travel & Gift Cards

VisaTravelMoneyVisa Travel MoneyIs a US Dollar pre-paid card accepted at millions of Debit Merchants and Visa ATM’s around the world.  It can be loaded with balances from $250 to $9,999.  It can be reloaded from the CU, or Phone.  Pin and Signature Protected.  The new Plastic Travelers Check!!!

Visa Cash PassportIs a PIN based stored Value card that is an alternative to cash and travelers Checks.  The Cash Passport card can be used at Visa ATM’s throughout the world.  It can be loaded from $50 to $9,999.  It is reloadable.  It has a 3 year expiration date, is protected if  lost and many other great features. 

Visa Gift CardIs a Signature based stored Value card loaded with a specific amount of money that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.  It can be loaded from $25 to $2,999.  It can be given as a gift to anyone!  It makes a great gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Etc…It has an 18 month expiration, is replaceable if lost, and has free online balance inquiry.

All three of these great cards are available to purchase at the Credit Union today!!!