Wire Transfers

Domestic Wire Transfers 

    We provide services for Domestic Wires within the United States for our customers.  With this service you will be able to to receive an incoming wire deposit or make an outgoing withdrawal to another financial institution. 

     Charges for this service are listed under Fees.

    To SEND A WIRE, the information  must be exact,  we must have a signature authorization.

  • We will re-verify the sending customers identification, name, address, account number, and which accout the money will be withdrawn from, also a phone number to contact if the wire does not complete.
  • We will need the name, address, and account number of the recipient of the wire.
  • The name, address, any branch information, and the ABA (routing and transit number) of the receiving financial institution.
  • The Amount of the Wire.

    To RECEIVE A WIRE, the sending financial institution will need:

  • DEPOSIT TO:  ABA # 2724-7807-5     CenCorp        P.O. Box 5092   Southfield, MI. 48086
  • CREDIT TO ABA # 2724-8531-4   St. Joseph Valley Community Federal Credit Union 915 W. Michigan Ave.   Three Rivers, MI. 49093 
  • FINAL CREDIT TO:  Your name, account number and  where you want the money deposited.

    Wires submitted after 4:00 P.M. will be processed the next business day.